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A Killer's Will 一个杀手的心灵 : Prologue (The Fox and The Kid)

A Killer's Will: Prologue

       Walking through the thick heavy snow, blood was splattered on everything in sight. Realizing that everything I have was lost. My parents…. friends….. older brother….. Not familiar face was spared from this carnage. Alone in the middle of this blood drench field, filled with dead bodies and broken weapons. I felt pieces chipped away from inside me as I dragged on, lost in my own world. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a curse I will bear forever from that day on. How I wish it was just a fleeting nightmare…

   My name is Loke Zakado, my parents brought me and my older brother to stay in this village 5 years ago. It was a boring and plain village but nonetheless peaceful. Everyone was friendly there despite our world being at war with the Zeons. There are two worlds co-existing together, one side is called Renzoku. It’s a spirit world, mystical beings, spirits of various beings, elements that come to life and more stay in there. You can call them the forces of nature if you like, friendly spirits help protect humans, sometimes we contract a spiritual link with them to fight and protect both worlds. Dragons dominate the Renzoku, so it’s best to not cross one. Our world being at war with the Zeons, this is the between the 4th and 5th era of this very war.

   On the other hand, the other world is called the Human World whereby humans live peacefully and sometimes we even sent some goods to the spirit world as a thanks for the protection. Both worlds have great connection. Zeons, the 5 dark destroyers who hated everything about renzoku and the human world. They hated how we were ruled and started a war ever since then both worlds were constantly in war. We are now living in the 4 ERA of the Reumons wars. I was an ignorant kid who live life normally with my elder brother, Hiroki and my parents. Everything was perfect , peaceful and happy till that explosion begin.

  "Loke....Loke....don't take Loke away !!!" I heard a fading voice calling out for me

  "Brother....? I thought he...." All I could ever see what a blurry blue figure approaching me...

  "Look out!!!!!" He shouted.

  "Who is that guy..why is he it am I just hallucinating.....?" That was all I could ever remember that blur blue figure....

   "My, my...what is a kid doing in this very realm? What could he be after..?"

"Whose there!!!" I shouted as I looked around my surroundings, all I could see was flames...

  "Sigh, a kid will always be a kid...always complaining, ranting, bratty and making unnecessary comments...even so how can a kid like yourself ended up in this realm where only Dragons and I can enter?"

   "Hey!! Who are u to call me bratty!!! Tsk...what do u mean realm?? I was at my village a moment ago, how is it even possible to-"

   "I assume that u don't know who I am nor how did u get here. My name is Izuko, I am the flame fox who holds the breathe of the flame dragons...I am leader of the clan...and the only one left...very much similar to you, kid."

  That voice was filled with anger, hatred, pain and was weird that I could actually feel this from this guy....I somehow...could see that he was exactly like me...a person who lost nearly everything...

  "Izuko, I'm Loke Zakado. Nice to meet you. I apologize for my rudeness earlier....I just didn't exactly did I ended up here?"

   "Now that's a surprising change...of apologies to u, Loke. I was just resting here, hoping to find someone to make a spirit link with me." He seem to calm down a lot...I just hope that he is feeling better...

   "Spirit link? I have heard of that before but have never experience it before. Not even once."

   "It's kinda rare to see someone here...and u are indeed the first one that has ever appeared after so many centuries... Loke Zakado, you are one lucky kid to be able to get here..."

  " How am I even lucky? I lost everything I ever care for, I lost my home, my village, my friends, my brother.... How could I even be lucky? I wasn't even strong enough to protect them..I was just a mere coward"

  "You aren't the only one who lost everything...I lost them clan.....whoever who did this to them...MUST DIE."

  "....." I could only feel and we could only listen to each other's problem...and pain but helpless as we both are...there was nothing we could do at all.

  "And so...I am here to ask for a favor from you, Loke"

"What is it, Izuko?"

  "Please spirit link with me."

The end.
Hey guys its been awhile since I last updated this blog and I am well aware that A Killer's Will was indeed stopped at chapter 8. My apologies for not updating for so long. I had a huge writer's block and I have indeed been busy with my college life. Today I decided to make a comeback once more and this time making A Killer's Will much more detailed than it was before. I decided to change the character looks and names. My sincere apologies, I would like to thank Mandy especially for the constant help and support that she has given and my awesome friends who have been waiting for this, and of course my readers n supporters, thank u all!
Stay tune for the next update!

Loke Zakado  

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Short Story: Thank You Teacher

 Thank You, Teacher

   I have always been a quiet boy. I never really socialize around my family, not even my classmates. I always have been known as the ‘Silent Observer’ among my classmates. I usually spend my time alone in my little corner where I usually daydream or read a book. Most of the time, I was seen alone wherever I go. Nobody ever knew what was behind the silent masked boy. People tease and call me names like Weirdo, Outer- Space Alien, Nerdy Boy all sorts of names that tends to pisses me off. I always wanted to start a conversation, I always have. But I never had the guts until I met HER.

   She is around 6 feet tall, black long hair always having that kind smile on her face with her half black frame glasses that makes her stands out whenever she glares at the delinquents. Her name is Miss Wendy, my compassionate class teacher who is kind to everyone including myself. Except for the delinquents that destroys the peacefulness in the class. It was a fine day where it was free period unexpectedly when her sudden approach towards me. She dragged a chair from one of the seats and sat beside me. I looked at her with a clueless look on my face, wondering if I did anything wrong. 

Ray” she said, I could feel the sweat falling down my face.

    “I wonder why do you always sit alone by this corner daydreaming?” she said with a concerned look on her face. 

Phew, I thought she was going to kill me for messing up my exercise book whoops” I thought. 

em…well…I just enjoy being alone, miss.” I replied nervously. It was weird for me at her sudden approach, I never knew she would bother to care about this uncool kid who does nothing but daydream.

       “I don’t take that as a reason, young man. I know there’s something you are hiding from me.” She glared. 

W-what do you mean by that? Its n-nothing really! I just enjoy being a-alone miss!” I replied with a frighten tone. She sighed as she shake her head. 

Ray, you can’t go on being anti-social for the rest of your Form 5 life! It is your last high school year! You should enjoy it!” 

“B-but I-I!” unintentionally I cut in. “What was I thinking!!?” I thought. 

But you?” 

Argh… nevermind..” I continued to drawing not knowing how to reply her, thinking she would give up but she didn’t. 

Ray, if you find hard to communicate with your classmates. Allow me to be your first friend.” She smiled sweetly. I smiled with all my heart, somehow I never thought I would have someone to share or have fun with. I have always been a loner since kindergarten. Guess making a change to my life isn't bad after all. 

I noticed you have a talent for art, Ray.” 

W-what? This? N-no…this is nothing compare to the artists that I admire. I’m nothing compare to them” I looked at my art with a sad smile. 

Nonsense! You call this nothing? This is your art! Your creation! Your passion for your hobby! How could you just call it nothing when you put all your effort into this? Ray, don’t be afraid to show your talent! Unless you just want to stay in the same level as you are now?” 

….Talent..? You think I have the potential to succeed, Teacher?” 

Ray, everyone does depending whether they are willing to make an effort or not.” That sentence had rang a bell in my head ever since.

  Every morning I would go to the teacher’s room just to greet her right before I rush to the classroom. I always see that smile crawling up her face, right before I leave the room. From that day on, I became more than just a ‘Silent Observer’. I started to socialize and make friends but I was still unwilling to show my art to others. My peaceful happy life was destroyed the moment my parents divorced, I decided to move out and make a living on my own. I would take odd jobs around the area, often falling asleep and skipping my classes just to earn money to pay my rent. This incident even got me to the disciplinary department. Miss Wendy always gets me out of troubles. I would cry to myself every recess behind the canteen under a tree. When I felt a light tap on my shoulder. 

Ray? Are you alright?” 

M-Miss Wendy?” I wiped my tears away. 

What’s wrong?” 

I hugged her tightly, I couldn’t help but spilling out what has happened.

 It was rather unexpecting when she decides to adopt me as a little brother. She constantly cared for me unlike my parents who treated me ill, She keeps me updated  missed out during the times I was gone. Knowing that I have potential to suceed, she left a registration form to the contest “International doujin project, Precious Presents!” on top of my table. I smiled and pick up the registration form and rush to the nearest post office to send in my submission. Few days passed, I never expected to win the champion prize which was the trip to Japan. Knowing Miss Wendy, who have always supported me soon grew to love Japan and its unique culture. On her birthday, I decided to throw a party for her moreover I wrote her a letter and left it on her desk in the empty teacher’s room. The moment she walked in wondering, the power supply was cut off. Everyone walked in singing the Birthday song while I hold the cake. She cried with tears of joy as she look at everyone. The moment she opened my present, she was shocked by the flight tickets. She picked up the letter I left for her and read.

  “Dear Miss Wendy,
            I never expected to see myself writing this to you but you have always been there for me. I wouldn’t be the boy who succeeded in this competition if you hadn’t brought up my courage to join this competition. I wouldn’t be the person I am today we hadn’t talked that day. Teacher, you are more than just a friend or a teacher, you are my family and you always will be. All these time, I brought u nothing but trouble yet you have brought me into a completely new point of view towards life itself. I never got a chance to repay this debt. Please accept this humble gift of mine as my gratitude towards you all this time. Thank you, Teacher. You are the best.

  “Ray….” She smiled with her teary eyes. 


Thank you!” she gave me a warm hug, the warmest hug ever since the relationship between both parents died off ever since then I never received such a warm hug. 

I smiled and hugged her back tightly as well. 

No, you are wrong Miss Wendy. Thank you.

Author's Corner
This short story was written last year and I FINALLY decided to post it up. This whole story was dedicated to a Favorite teacher of mine, who goes by the name of Miss Winnie :D see the similarities there? hehehe xDDD Wait wait wait, it's not Miss Winnie anymore since she got married last week, Madam Lim huehuehue.... XDDD Anyway, I gotta say this was for a competition sadly. I didn't win :( but at least I tried! Thank goodness I kept a copy of it :D. I might want to animate this someday and give it to a present :DDD~